Thank you for considering us as part of your family! We always aim to provide a caring, comfortable environment. We work hard so that you and your child will feel at ease.


Congratulations! Having a baby is one of the most exciting times in your life. Nothing is more rewarding than the privilege of caring for this new life and providing an environment in which both you and your child will thrive and develop. Choosing the pediatrician that can best care for your child is an important decision. Here at Birth and Beyond we share your joy and enthusiasm and look forward to the opportunity in partnering with you on the exciting journey of raising a child. To help you and your upcoming bundle of joy we offer easy access both before and after birth!

Prenatal Visits

Parents are welcome to come for a prenatal visit to meet with us and see the office. It is natural to have lots of questions that we can answer and try to put your mind at ease! There is no charge for this visit. Call  918.493.1114 to schedule a visit with one of our doctors before your baby's arrival. Please fill out this form before your visit. 

Upon Arrival to the Hospital

If you would like one of our pediatricians to see your new baby in the hospital, just simply let the admitting team know once you arrive at the hospital. We will take care of the rest! We see our newborns at Saint Francis Hospital and Saint Francis Hospital South . We will check on your baby everyday that you are in the hospital. 

If you are delivering at any other hospital don’t worry! We will still be happy to see your family! We have pediatricians that take care of our babies at St. John’s and Hillcrest and communicate any concerns to us! You can always ask the hospital to send us the discharge paperwork. If there are any concerns during your hospital stay, we encourage you to call the office to discuss the concerns.

Newborn Visit

Baby's first appointment will come up quicker than you think. Most parents schedule this visit with a pediatrician either while in the hospital post delivery or shortly after coming home. Typically you will be asked to bring your baby to the office 24-48 hours after you are discharged from the hospital. This quick turn around gives us a chance to check in on how those first few days at home have been which can be a nerve-wracking time in a new families’ life! After that if all goes well the next visit is at 2 weeks. Immunizations begin at 2 months. 


Remember to add your newborn to your insurance within the first 30 days after birth to avoid lapse in coverage. We will need your baby’s insurance card by the two-month well-child visit.



Are you thinking of joining our family? Schedule a Meet and Greet to get to know us better!

Transferring records is a snap. Download and send this form to your current health care provider to request a copy of your child’s current health records be sent directly to our office.

Or, bring a copy of your child’s records with you to the first visit. We will use them to begin your child’s digital health record.

What is a Meet & Greet?

A Meet & Greet allows time for the family to meet with the doctor and see if the practice is a good fit for them.

How long is a Meet & Greet?

You are welcome to a 5-10 minute conversation with Dr. Sood, in person.

How much does a Meet & Greet cost?

A Meet & Greet is free of charge.

How do we sign up for a Meet & Greet?

You may call our office at  918.493.1114 to schedule an appointment to meet with Dr. Sood.

Is a Meet & Greet required?

A Meet & Greet is not required if you know that Birth & Beyond Pediatrics is the right practice for your family!